Wonderful Payments for WooCommerce


Save big on payment processing!

The Wonderful Payments plugin for UK WooCommerce stores allows merchants to receive instant bank payments from their customers; to slash processing fees; remove friction at checkout; and improve security.

Wonderful may be used in conjunction with other payment methods, but introduces a simple, fast and secure payment option where funds settle instantly and directly to your business bank account.

What’s more, you’re supporting thousands of UK charities at no additional cost to you or your customers.

How much will you save?

Adding the WooCommerce Plugin to our Small Business Plan, gives you a total monthly subscription charge of £19.98 (plus VAT). This includes 1,000 transactions and there are no additional fees. No percentage of transaction fees, no setup fees, nothing else.

That works out at just 2p per transaction and for any transactions over the thousand (congratulations by the way!) we charge just 1p per transaction.

Delight your customers.

Wonderful’s innovative payment technology introduces a new, vastly improved payment experience. When it’s time to pay, there are no requests for card details; customers simply select their bank and are connected to their mobile banking app to approve a pre-populated, instant payment.

  1. Your customer selects their bank.
  2. Wonderful seamlessly connects your customer to their mobile banking app.
  3. With a couple of taps, your customer authorises a direct, secure payment to your merchant account.

Every transaction is authorised securely by the bank, but with zero data entry from your customers. No sort codes, account numbers, long card numbers or passwords to enter. Once the payment has been authorised, Wonderful automatically redirects the customer back to your WooCommerce for order confirmation.

OK, how do I get started?

  1. First check that we have integrated your business bank > Full list of supported banks.
  2. Next, start your Free Trial.
  3. Install and activate the Wonderful Payments for WooCommerce Plugin.
  4. Request your Merchant Key.

Why Wonderful?

Not only do Wonderful payments delight customers, eliminate card processing fees and make payments safer, they allow shoppers and merchants to give back to good causes, simply by sending and receiving payments. Since 2016, Wonderful has operated the much-loved charity fundraising platform, Wonderful.org, which provides unlimited donation processing to UK charities at no cost whatsoever. It’s how we got started, and it’s what makes us wonderful! So, whether you’re running a marathon for charity or just selling the trainers, Wonderful makes giving a little easier for everyone.


If you need help with this plugin or simply want to find out more about Wonderful’s payment services and eCommerce integrations, please visit our Support site or submit a ticket.


Using the power of Open Banking Wonderful integrates directly with UK banks, using secure APIs. As an Authorised Payment Initiation Service Provider, Wonderful’s instant, direct bank payments are initiated in line with Open Banking’s strict security standards. Wonderful does not ask for or store sensitive payment details. Inherent Strong Customer Authentication on every transaction significantly reduces the risk of payment fraud and chargebacks.

Wonderful Payments is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorised Payment Institution with Financial Services Register Number: 964289.

Wonderful Payments Limited is a company registered in England & Wales (Company Registration Number: 12601267).

Registered Office: 41 Luke Street, London EC2A 4DP



Who is Wonderful for?

Wonderful is for WooCommerce store owners with UK bank accounts, taking payments primarily from customers in the UK. Perfect for brands looking to save on transaction fees, or those looking to bring a strong ethical stance to the checkout experience.

Does Wonderful support recurring payments?

Not yet! Wonderful currently only supports single payments rather than recurring payments (such as for subscription-based products). However, recurring payments are one of the upcoming features we’ll be introducing for Wonderful as soon as becomes commercially available.

Which banks are supported?

Currently Wonderful integrates with most major UK banks, covering 90% of the consumer market. For a complete list, head to our bank integrations page.

How does billing work?

All merchants are billed directly by Wonderful Payments.

Payment may be made using our secure instant bank payment service, or via traditional bank transfer. Payment is due withing 14 days of the invoice date.

Any price displayed excludes VAT.


ဧပြီ 5၊ 2024
The company I work for have been using wonderful payments for a few months now with zero complaints. Wonderful payments is a low cost subscription based payment system offering instant bank payments with 1p transaction fees. It really is that simple. Plugin installation was simple and the registration via the mobile app is straightforward. Any questions we had were quickly answered by Wonderful’s Business Manager, Reece. No flimflam, just straight talking.
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Contributors & Developers

“Wonderful Payments for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



0.6.2 – 24-05-2024

  • Updated latest stable version.

0.6.1 – 24-05-2024

  • Bugfix where some files were not checked in correctly.

0.6 – 24-05-2024

  • Significant changes to support WordPress 6.5. Orders are now synced with the One Merchant Dashboard. Refunds now supported via the Merchant Dashboard.

0.5.5 – 23-02-2024

  • Updated stable version

0.5.4 – 23-02-2024

  • Bug fix. Addresses reported issues for users running PHP 8.2

0.5.3 – 25-01-2024

  • Bug fix. Supported Banks list is now correctly populated only when the checkout page is rendered.

0.5.2 – 18-01-2024

  • Bug fix. Alignment issues on desktop viewport.

0.5.1 – 18-01-2024

  • Bug fix. Addresses issue where supported bank list was not populated, and alignment issues.

0.5 – 15-01-2024

  • Bank selector. You can now select your bank at the checkout. This will allow customers to see if their bank is supported before checking out.

0.4.2 – 19-10-2023

  • Updated readme

0.4.1 – 09-10-2023

  • Readme updated to reflect new billing model. Account plans are now billed directly by Wonderful Payments Ltd.

0.4 – 21-09-2023

  • Updated API endpoints and SSL verification

0.3 – 19-09-2023

  • Confirmed compatibility with WordPress 6.3

0.2 – 29-06-2023

  • We now send the plugin version to our servers when initiating a payment request. This allows us to provide better technical support for merchants.

0.1 – 22-06-2023

  • Initial Release