This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

The Welcomizer


Quickly create animations for your WordPress blog.

Designed for webmasters, marketing consultants, web designers and bloggers.

Demo page <- Basic examples

Multisite friendly.


The Welcomizer is currently available in the following languages:

  • English
  • Français


  • Panel when viewing data.
  • Panel when adding a new animation.


To install:

  1. Upload /the-welcomizer directory and files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Find the plugin on the admin bar or under the menu Appearance.

To uninstall:

  1. Go to plugin page, click Admin button, click Removal settings
  2. check the option Delete all settings when disabling the plugin
  3. check the option Delete created directories when disabling the plugin If you don’t need them anymore.
  4. Deactivate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress, and then delete it.


ဇူလိုင် 30၊ 2017
Works great on new edition would be useful a good documentation, very cool plugin, you can do amazing animations!
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Contributors & Developers

“The Welcomizer” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Fixed section_id on a multisite installation.


  • Added compatibility with multisite.
  • Added the ability to Import/Export a whole section.
  • Added option Display plugin environment variables and constant TWIZ_FORCE_VARDUMP.
  • Added constant TWIZ_LOG_ACTIVATION -> wp-content/uploads/the-welcomizer-activation-error.log
  • Added constant TWIZ_LOG_DEACTIVATION -> wp-content/uploads/the-welcomizer-deactivation-error.log
  • Added Admins Only to visibility options.
  • Fixed twiz filename.
  • Various UI adjustments and bug fixes.
  • Replaced menu icons with SVG.
  • Reviewed installation code & initialization settings.
  • Resetted all UI settings.
  • Updated jQuery libraries.

  • Fixed admin role translation.

  • Fixed Admin notice error.
  • Fixed Delete created directories.
  • Fixed Export notice.
  • Fixed missing translation.
  • Removed plugin footer ads.

  • Fixed export all notice.

  • Fixed import notice.
  • Put back sans-serif.

  • Fixed the categories results inside the output list.

  • Fixed the export filenames to match the real time.
  • Fixed the display of the export file button.

  • Hidden the + and – drop down when the Transit jQuery library is selected.
  • Added Privacy questions before accessing the plugin.
  • Added a link to the plug-in on the admin bar.
  • Added trailing slash verification to link directory.
  • Maintained compatibility with WordPress version 3.1+.
  • Fixed Uncategorized category, and non-existent pages or posts.
  • Added verification of broken links to images within the view.
  • Added download links to twiz files into the export file listing.
  • Added the ability to Export All sections in one click + backup file.
  • Added Settings link beside the activate/deactivate links on the plugins page.
  • Added an option into admin section to remove created directories when disabling the plugin.
  • Added visibility options in section creation.
  • Added a Save & Stay checkbox in section creation.
  • Adjusted UI a little bit here and there.
  • Cleaned unused toggle options upon deleting a section, and clean obsolete ones.
  • Created the necessary directories during installation or updates, if non-existent.
  • Fixed a bug with copy group.
  • Modified TwizGroup->copyGroup(), redirect to copy group form.
  • Optimized loops in TwizOutput class.
  • Kept in memory the menu settings that are inactive(shortcode ID, custom logic).
  • Reviewed the labels and terms used.
  • Shortened new unique numbers(export_id, parent_id).

  • Replaced deprecated preg_replace /e with preg_replace_callback.


  • Fixed compatibility with wp-minify.


  • Minor adjustment.


  • Adjusted shortcode replacement(visual/text mode). Once it’s converted to url, it won’t transform back into a shortcode to prevent replacing other link.


  • Adjusted shortcode replacement(visual mode).
  • Minor adjustment.


  • Fixed Starting positions.


  • Fixed bug with $(document).twizReplay();


  • Added max-height to UI textarea.
  • Added export filter to user settings.
  • Added admin option to apply filter the_content.
  • Fixed admin bug.


  • Fixed import bug.


  • Sorted export list.


  • Added an option to import from the server.
  • Added an optional HTML textbox to output type shortcode.
  • Various bug fixes, output bug included.
  • Modified and optimized UI.


  • Minor UI adjustments.


  • Fixed bold on selected group in list.


  • Fixed bold on selected group in list.


  • Transformed plugin images to background css images.


  • Minor UI optimization.


  • Fixed Output type unique on new sections.
  • Fixed activation condition on default sections.


  • Minor UI adjustments. (section menu)


  • Modified label.


  • Shortcode [twiz_wp_upload_dir] for image url is replaced(in visual mode:)
  • Updated jquery included files for drag&drop in list.
  • Modified textbox validation when editing an animation, you can now paste numbers for top, left etc…
  • Added an option to promote this plugin under the admin section.


  • Import into a group or export a group list while editing a group.
  • Fixed import bugs.
  • Minor adjustments.


  • Minor adjustments.


  • Fixed notice error.
  • Removed import export button when editing a group until import under a group and export a group is coded.


  • Fixed Parse error bug.


  • Fixed Parse error bug.


  • Fixed bug.


  • Added field element type inside Search and Replace.
  • Added links to images inside the view with a preview on hover.
  • Fixed droppable outside a group and overall.
  • Modified import export button context.
  • Reordered Group name inside Search and Replace as it appears in list.
  • Reorganized view source code.
  • Shortened function names inside the view.
  • Only Manually event are triggered when Group function is called.


  • Fixed group order on actions.


  • Added indexes to db.


  • Fixed section creation in IE.
  • Modified the view, added group toggle.
  • Fixed some css.


  • Fixed drop row under group.


  • Reestablished UI css compatibility with common browsers.


  • Added ability to reorder created Groups in list.
  • Fixed List order.
  • Optimized some code.


  • Fixed Group output bug.


  • Adjusted stylesheets.


  • Added find and replace under a group.
  • Adjusted stylesheets.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Adjusted stylesheets.

  • Adjusted stylesheets.

  • Adjusted stylesheets.

  • Adjusted stylesheets.

  • Adjusted stylesheets.
  • Modified layout.

  • Corrected stylesheets.
  • Modified images preload.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Adjusted stylesheets.

  • Modified image preload.

  • Put back images preload.


  • Modified stylesheets to better match with the awesomeness of WordPress version 3.8.
  • Modified UI.
  • Major bug fixes.

  • Adjusted order in list.
  • Minor adjustments.

  • Fixed order under groups in list.
  • Adjusted order in list.

  • Adjusted order in list.

  • Adjusted order in list.
  • Modified label Libraries to Examples.

  • Optimized style sheets.
  • Fixed ajax on link directory after validation.
  • Minor layout adjustment.

  • Fixed variable replacement while importing a twiz file.

  • Minor layout adjustment.

  • Fixed new element type.

  • Fixed new element type.


  • Added the possibility to turn on/off the Horizontal Auto Scrolling.
  • Added [other] to element type. e.g. window

  • Applied a filter onto the Unlock dropdown list used to unlock animations that are triggered by event.

  • Fixed URL shortcode for images in feed.

  • Cleaned shortcode in feed.

  • Fixed drag&drop in list.

  • Fixed drag&drop in list.
  • Updated jQuery UI.

  • Minor adjustments.

  • Modified menu layout.
  • Minor adjustments.

  • Fixed pre-selected section when cookie is disabled.

  • Fixed selected section on default sections.


  • Implemented Seth Godin’s idea, added cookie condition to sections.
  • Added the option Empty list.
  • Modified the scope of twiz_repeat_xx,twiz_locked_xx variables so they can be used inside another section that is outputted with a shortcode.
  • Modified the order of the Duration column based on the real total.
  • Fixed ajax on some actions.
  • Fixed cookie feature.
  • Fixed section prefixes on save section.


  • Modified some labels.

  • Fixed twizGetView.

  • Fixed ajax in list.

  • Fixed Event list in list.

  • Adjusted some UI labels.
  • Cleaned some code.

  • Added header to vertical menu.
  • Fixed binding after datagrid editing.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Fixed multiple ajax requests within the UI.
  • Fixed ajax duration format in list.
  • Fixed loading image on edit sections.

  • Fixed dynamic arrows.

  • Fixed arrows.


  • Optimized jQuery transit integration.
  • Added a new optional positioning method (for right to left websites).
  • Added date and time to export filename.
  • Modified the view.
  • Modified admin panel.
  • Modified some labels.


  • Added the ability to specify an optional duration.
  • Added shortcode [twiz_wp_upload_dir].
  • Fixed quote character in Extra CSS.
  • Various UI adjustments.
  • Other minor fixes.

  • Minor adjustments.


  • Fixed Import mapping bug concerning event functions.
  • Fixed Find&Replace bug.
  • Modified the view.
  • Added some jQuery code snippet.
  • Minor adjustment.

  • Reset scroll position to zero after clicking a group link.
  • Minor adjustments.

  • Minor adjustments.


  • Fixed the view synchronization after inline list editing.

  • Fixed duration format.


  • Added action links on views.
  • Modified the view.
  • Various UI improvements.


  • Added infinite depth on views.
  • Added a jQuery code snippet.
  • Added element name to export file name when applicable.
  • Added missing CSS Styles to Starting Positions inside Search&Replace.
  • Optimized output for animations that contains nothing but CSS Styles.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Added CSS Styles to Starting Positions.
  • Modified default output of Starting Positions to CSS Styles.
  • Modified default output of JavaScript to After the delay.

  • Fixed Output bug concerning events.
  • Modified translation.

  • Layout adjustment.


  • Modified the view.
  • Modified ads.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Fixed $(document).twizRepeat(X); with class or name or tag.
  • Automaticaly adding stop().animate…with class or name or tag.
  • UI adjustments.
  • Optimized the view.

  • Fixed copy group feature.
  • Layout adjustment.

  • Layout adjustment.

  • Optimized and Modified the view.
  • Fixed toggle of More configurations with CSS.


  • Fixed min-height of the right panel.


  • Fixed Extra JavaScript inside the right panel.


  • Excluded jQuery restricted for CSS field.


  • Fixed Undefined index in find and replace.


  • Removed style tag when empty.
  • Removed php cookie validation for styles.


  • Added the possibility to add CSS styles in each animation.
  • Added some CSS snippets.
  • Added new fields to the database.
  • Added Cancel links in admin section.
  • Fixed a find&replace tab bug.
  • Modified the view.
  • Modified Find & Replace.
  • Modified and optimized UI.
  • Optimized some source code.


  • Fixed the position by default under Starting Positions.


  • Added the possibility to attach a different element under each moves, and also under the Starting Positions.
  • Added some jQuery code snippets.
  • Added new fields to the database.
  • Fixed the missing output of the starting positions after the delay.
  • Fixed the action binding of the Library.
  • Fixed a find&replace bug.
  • Fixed Library Order Keys.
  • Modified Ads conditions.
  • Modified Find & Replace.
  • Modified the view.
  • Optimized some source code.


  • Fixed comments within the JavaScript text box.
  • Fixed comments within the JavaScript text box.


  • Added loading gif on certain actions.
  • Auto-checked display easing option.
  • Added parentid validation in output code.
  • Added output code verification everywhere.
  • Fixed toggle css.


  • Cleaned the potential mess of the previous bug.


  • Fixed twiz_parent_id bug.


  • Fixed update.


  • Updated jQuery transform..


  • Small fix for update to jQuery Transit.


  • Fixed Option Display extra easing in lists.


  • Updated jQuery Transit.
  • Minor adjustments.


  • Updated rotate3Di.js to v0.9.2.
  • Updated jquery-animate-css-rotate-scale.js.


  • Added a missing translation.
  • Modified custom logic e.g.


  • Added the ability to create smart groups (rows are draggable).
  • Added the ability to link additional directories to the Library.
  • Added an option jQuery Easing under Built-in jQuery packages.
  • Renamed twiz_active variables to twiz_locked.
  • Prepared Library section for the bext version.
  • Various UI improvements and bug fixes etc…
  • Modified UI preferences, added per user.
  • Modified section context.

  • Fixed returned message from find and replace.


  • Added a find and replace (simple or precise).
  • Added support for importing a twz file more than once.
  • Added 2 new admin options. (1. Remove ads. 2. Find & Replace method.)
  • Removed unmaintained and obsolete translation files.
  • Various UI adjusments.

  • Fixed the dashboard bug.
  • Fixed a missing css.

  • Fixed a translation string.
  • Added a code snippet.
  • Minor adjusments.

  • Fixed bugs.
  • Merged Bind and Unbind.
  • Added an option to manually unlock events (automatic by default).
  • Added Unlock variables.

  • Fixed PHP cookie for multi-section animations.

  • Revised the cookie options.
  • Fixed some bugs.

  • Fixed JScookie: per hour, per day, etc…


  • Added the element type tag for HTML tags.
  • Moved the shortcode sample into a textbox.
  • Added an optional Cookie options (JS or PHP or both) to menu sections.
  • Various UI improvements.
  • Fixed a lot of bugs.


  • Added a second save button in admin section.
  • Added an extra easing option in admin section.
  • Added 2 more Minimum Role option in admin section.
  • Adjusted and fixed layout.
  • Fixed a missing saved value in admin section.
  • Integrated some libraries as options in admin section.

  • Fixed z-index of textareas.
  • Removed the right view width.
  • Adjusted navigation.


  • Added a new admin option. Disable \’ajax, post and cookie\’ (Checked by default)
  • Modified default settings.
  • Modified menu navigation.
  • Fixed admin panel layout.
  • Various bug fixes.

  • Available events only, for binding lists.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Added a Save & Stay option.
  • Bug fixes and adjustments.


  • Added new features under JavaScript textboxes.
  • Added a new cancel and save button.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Fixed layout.

  • Fixed default values in the list.

  • Added a new checkbox to lock an event or not.
  • The current object is now used for event triggered animations.
  • Modified installation procedure, and removed the code to create directories.

  • Fixed new names inside the right panel.

  • Added Support for multiple element names. e.g. ‘recent-posts-3 li a’
  • Various fixes.

  • Fixed a compatibility issue.

  • Various minor adjustments.

  • Fixed a string replacement within Twiz functions.


  • Added [Shortcode] to the output choices.
  • Fixed offline status of sections with custom logic.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Added the ability to sort the list.
  • Added links to twiz functions in the right panel.
  • Added an editable Event column.
  • Added random ads in the footer.
  • Modified the display of More configurations.
  • Modified the closing of the vertical menu.
  • Solved compatibility with Opera.
  • Sorted items in the vertical menu.
  • Sorted the Event column.
  • Various bug fixes, adjusments and code review.

  • Removed auto-draft items from lists.


  • Added unpublished pages & articles to lists.


  • Added preloading of 2 loading images.


  • Optimized the behavior of all loading images.
  • Updating the names of functions twiz etc…when the name is changed.
  • Added current animation to functions list.

  • Fixed event bug.
  • Modified the skin preloads.

  • Added the e parameter for events.
  • Added the ability to unbind and bind events.
  • Added Admin option Starting position by default.
  • Changed output type by default to Multiple.
  • Modified the data type and validation of Start delay and Duration to accept variables.
  • Preloads the default skin.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Improved the UI speed.
  • Fixed later: The event bug.

  • Turned some images into CSS background.
  • Re-established CSS compatibility with WP v3.1
  • Minor fixes.

  • Modified the effect after saving.(finally)
  • Modified stylesheets.
  • Created ajax gif for skins.
  • Happy holidays to All.
  • Updated later: Italian translation.

  • Fixed activation button.
  • Added hooks for scripts: front-end, and admin panel.
  • Added some skins, click the logo.
  • Fixed stylesheet.
  • Fixed later: js skin var.
  • Updated later: skins css.

  • Added the ability to create custom menu.
  • Added support for multiple $(document).twizReplay(); on the same page from different sections.
  • Added Admin option Maximum number of posts in lists.
  • Multiple layout adjustments.
  • Fixed later: Menu translation.
  • Fixed undefined ABSPATH in twiz-ajax.php

  • Added a new OPTIONAL parameter to $(document).twizRepeat(X); X = number of times to repeat, BLANK equal infinite repetition.
  • Added current object to Repeat & Replay functions.
  • Replaced this inside the 2 JavaScript textbox.
  • Fixed later: Fixed repeat parameter.
  • Updated later: Updated Italian translation.

  • Fixed Home activation button display.
  • Fixed plugin update.

  • Added Admin option Minimum Role to access this plugin.
  • Fixed some display activation(Everywhere).
  • Fixed Home translation.


  • Added positions fixed and static.
  • Added Admin option Delete all when disabling the plugin. (Now inactive by default)
  • Fixed the Library Order feature.
  • Adjusted the layout.

  • Added a vertical alignment to the right panel.
  • Excluded auto-repeated animations from the Replay.
  • Updated Italian translation

  • Layout fixes.

  • Bug fixes.
  • Restructured sections.

  • Added a vertical menu.
  • Removed radio buttons from the header.
  • Added status image on each sections.
  • Added Ajax refresh to the section scroll list, no need to refresh the page anymore.
  • Remove the default *** when saving an empty element.
  • Added a title section for the Library and the Admin section.
  • Merged the date with the title of a post.
  • Fixed bugs.

  • Added swing and linear option above each moves. (swing by default)
  • Added links Edit - Copy - Delete under each element.
  • Added option Register jQuery default library. (active by default)
  • Modified the right panel view.
  • Fixed layout stylesheet.

  • Fixed The plugin generated 2 characters of unexpected output.
  • Modified global status. (Active by default)

  • Added Output code compression option. (Inactive by default)

  • Fixed time of second move when empty.
  • Rewritten the output code.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Updated Italian translation.
  • Fixed button translation.
  • Fixed directional images.


  • Added Output code hook choices – Admin section. (default wp-head)
  • Added empty for Top and Left under the First and Second move.
  • Many minor fixes.

  • Added px, %, em, in as choices for Top and Left.
  • Layout fixes.

  • Reordered the animations list by ID.
  • Fixed Twiz functions calls.
  • Minor adjustments.

  • Fixed JavaScript OnReady.
  • Fixed some output bugs.
  • Fixed status bug.
  • Adjusted Labels.

  • Added New export id for functions and variables.
  • Added Hotfix to replace current ids.
  • Role is set to manage_options.

  • Adjusted Right panel inside two conditional blocks.
  • Renamed functions to twiz_*
  • Fixed Animations list.
  • Layout fixes.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Added the ability to easily call manually triggered animations and others into the JavaScript.
  • The id of each row is displayed on status image.
  • Simplified the right panel view.
  • Layout adjustments.

  • Added the ability to choose a post when creating menus.

  • Fixed conflict with upload media manager in post page.

  • Fixed wp-minify incompatibility(new).


  • Added the ability to output starting positions OnReady, before or after the delay.
  • Added the ability to output the JavaScript also OnReady.
  • Export files are created and moved to /wp-content/twiz/export/
  • All scripts are enqueued only on plugin page.
  • Layout adjustments.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Optimized output code.

  • Correction, small configs are always output before the delay.
  • The JavaScript has an option before or after the delay.

  • Output small configs before the JavaScript.
  • Small layout adustement.

  • Simplified the editing panel.
  • Added the ability to output config. before the delay, or after the delay.
  • All previous starting configurations are switched before the delay by default.

  • Fixed navigation import menu, and default action label.

  • Added support for $(this). inside the textbox JavaScript Before.

  • All menu buttons are now visible when editing.

  • Added the layout of the admin button.
  • Layout adjustments.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Added the ability to animate elements also with attribute “ name” or “ class” .
  • Pick an ID from list has been removed, get Firebug.
  • Adjusted textarea resize behavior.
  • Added New field to the database.
  • Layout adjustments.
  • Minor fixes.


  • Updated Italian translation
  • Fixed Everywhere, Everywhere.

  • Added the ability to add animations everywhere, all articles, all categories and all pages.
  • Added another JavaScript textbox to the editing panel.
  • Added a Z-Index textbox to the editing panel.
  • Added the ability to export only one animation.
  • Added New fields to the database.
  • Layout adjustments.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Restricted the buildups of animations.
  • New fields are now simply added to the database.

  • Added Trigger by Event.
  • Fixes and adjusmtents.

  • Added Copy action and action label.
  • Ordered the list by Delay and by Element Id.
  • Layout adjustments and fixes.

  • .twz and .xml are supported for import.

  • The Library files are now enqueued in the configured order.

  • Added ability to upload .css files into the Library.
  • Added ability to reorder the Library.
  • The menu is displayed in alphabetical order.
  • Textarea auto-resizing adjustments.

  • Repeat an animation with $(document).twizRepeat(); inside the Extra JavaScript textbox.

  • Transferred methods into the new TwizMenu class.
  • Major and minor fixes.


  • Fixed delete section menu.

  • Fixed notice and warning messages.

  • Replay all animations with $(document).twizReplay();.
  • When deactivating and activating the plugin to reinitialize it, /wp-content/twiz/ is no longer removed.
  • Automatic recognition of the js files under /wp-content/twiz/.
  • Minor fixes and adjustments.

  • Bug fixes.

  • Added a New JavaScript File Manager.
  • Added a preloader for directional images.
  • Moved and renamed the upload directory to /wp-content/twiz/.
  • Removed the Saved! message for faster editing and better focusing.
  • Optimized the auto-resizing of the textarea for better editing.
  • The file uploader is ready for translation.
  • Major and minor bug fixes.
  • Adjustments.

  • Fixed table reinitialization.

  • Added a Delete section button.
  • Fixed export multilingual filename.
  • Other minor fixes.

  • Single and double quotes are now allowed.

  • Fully compatible with Internet Explorer 9.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Minor adjustments.


  • Fixed display code.

  • Optimized code, new constants.
  • Renamed elements.
  • Fixed Import-Export bug, missing value in action.

  • Modified fileuploader stylesheet.

  • Enqueued fileuploader stylesheet.
  • Updated Italian translation.

  • Added Import file(*.twz) feature. Share lists and collaborate with friends!
  • Major changes.

  • Added compatibility with IE8…

  • Fixed the visibility of the add section menu.

  • Fixed export file.

  • Added a new feature to export a list. ‘Backup and Share lists with friends.’
  • Added Layout for the Import feature, it will be available in the next version.
  • Some adjustments.

  • Added Spanish translation.
  • Minor changes.


  • Fixed bug (Internet Explorer).

  • Added dynamic directional arrows to the editing panel.
  • Updated screenshots.

  • Modified the size and location of the arrows.
  • Updated screenshots.

  • Added directional arrows to the datapreview panel.
  • Fixed the hidden datapreview panel.
  • Updated screenshots.

  • Fixed unresolved sections.

  • Added numeric validation on Left and Top.
  • Modified Installation code.

  • Fixed Installation.

  • Added feature to build lists for Categories and also Pages.
  • Modified stylesheet, navigation effects, and layout.
  • Modified database, and installation code.
  • Modified front-end generated code.
  • Added a 2x label on the edition panel.
  • Updated screenshots.
  • Minor fixes.
  • Enjoy!

  • Linked the plugin version label to the plugin page on
  • Replaced short PHP tags by full PHP tags.
  • Applied some CSS Coding standards.
  • Updated screenshots.
  • Minor fixes.

  • Fixed notice and warning messages.


  • Fixed Call to undefined function file_get_html().

  • Fixed Missing argument 1 for Twiz::getListArray().
  • Fixed Missing argument 1 for Twiz::getHtmlForm().

  • Added Ajax editable ‘Duration’ column.
  • Improved Ajax editable ‘Delay’ column.

  • Fixed Enlarged layout.

  • Enlarged layout.

  • Improved security using Nonces.

  • Fixed the validation for the delay textbox.(after cancel)
  • Added a nowrap on the title cell from the right panel.

  • Fixed the display of the right panel after addnew.

  • Replaced tabs by spaces, everywhere in all the source code.
  • Disabled submit button on form submit.

  • Added validation for the delay textbox.


  • Added status color on the element Id inside the View.
  • Display the View when mouseover the list.
  • Added Ajax editable ‘Delay’ column.
  • Renamed some variables.
  • Fixed jQuery binding.
  • Minor layout fixes.


  • Added more personalized options.
  • Fixed enqueued Stylesheet.
  • Minor changes.


  • Optimized Stylesheet. (twiz-style.css)
  • Minor layout adjustments.


  • Enqueued Stylesheet. (twiz-style.css)
  • Minor layout fixes.


  • Added a full advanced caching feature for the DataPreview results.
  • Fixed empty Labels in the DataPreview.(has already been pushed)


  • Layout adjustments, larger panel, larger textbox, other minor changes.
  • Added a new DataPreview Panel.


  • Fixed Pick List Options choices(duplicated).
  • Fixed Pick List link, and image right space.
  • Fixed Edition panel background color.
  • Fixed Plugin Height.


  • Added a Global Online/Offline status over the top.
  • Added a big background logo.
  • Some minor changes.


  • Added 2 New Easy Pick List under Personalized Options.
  • Some minor, and major layout adjustments.
  • Auto-size textarea(in height).


  • When editing an existing movement, More Options are now visible by default, if they aren’t empty.
  • Empty lines has been removed.
  • readme.txt has been updated.


  • In the listing panel, a x2 in green is now displayed next to the duration value only when the second move has been configured.
  • Added Italian translation.


  • Now you can easily choose an element Id from a pick list. 100% AJAX.


  • 2 minor css fixes.
  • jQuery .animate() link added under Personalized Options.


  • First release!