JobBoardWP – Job Board Listings and Submissions


JobBoardWP is an easy-to-use and lightweight plugin that enables you to add job board functionality to your website. With a clean, modern UI, job seekers can view and search for jobs, whilst employers can submit jobs to your job board and manage their jobs from the jobs dashboard.


The plugin adds three pages to the front-end of your website:

Jobs page

The jobs page displays a list of jobs with keyword and location search. Job seekers can also filter jobs to show only remote jobs or certain job types/categories.

Post Job page

The post job page is where users can submit a job via the job submission form. You can choose for jobs to appear automatically on the jobs page or require admin approval. The form enables users to add personal, job and company details. Users can save their form as a draft and preview the job before submitting the job.

Jobs Dashboard page

The jobs dashboard page is where users manage their submitted jobs. The shortcode on the page outputs a list of jobs a user has submitted. The user can see the status of their jobs, when they expire and manage their jobs. Actions users can take on their job dashboard include: deleting jobs, editing jobs, continuing job submission, marking a job as filled and re-submitting a job.


The plugin makes it easy for you to manage your job board from the wp-admin.


As the admin you can see a list of all jobs and filter by status (published, pending, expired etc). You can view, edit and approve jobs from the wp-admin jobs list.

Add New

You can also create your own new jobs directly from the wp-admin.

Job Types

Job types allow users to select the type of job they are listing when they submit a job. The plugin comes with 7 built in job types (Freelance, Full-time, Graduate, Internship, Part-time, Temporary, Voulnteer) and each tag is assigned a default tag color (tag colors can be changed easily). You can delete, add and edit the job types.

Job Categories

You can create custom categories for jobs in the wp-admin and allow users to select a category for their job submission when submitting a job.


The plugin provides various settings so you can customize how your job board looks and functions. You can also enable/disable emails and change email text.


The plugin has been built to work with Google search by adding structured data to job listings. This allows job listings to appear in Google job search results.

Documentation & Support

Got a problem or need help with JobBoardWP? Head over to our documentation and perform a search of the knowledge base. If you can’t find a solution to your issue then you can create a topic on the support forum.

Are you a developer and need help finding the right hooks or functions? You can visit the developer documentation page.


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This plugin provides 6 blocks.

  • Jobs categories list Displaying jobs categories list
  • Jobs dashboard Displaying jobs dashboard
  • Single job Displaying a single job
  • Recent Jobs Displaying recent jobs
  • Jobs list Displaying jobs list
  • Post job Displaying jobs posting form


  1. Activate the plugin
  2. That’s it. Go to Job Board > Settings to customize plugin options
  3. For more details, please visit the official Documentation page.


Where can I find JobBoardWP documentation and user guides?

For help setting up and configuring JobBoardWP please refer to our documentation

Where can I get support or talk to other users?

If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the JobBoardWP Support Forum.

Will JobBoardWP work with my theme?

Yes! JobBoardWP will work with any theme, but may require some styling or making custom templates.

Will JobBoardWP work with WordPress Multisite installation?

Yes! JobBoardWP is WordPress Multisite compatible.


အောက်တိုဘာ 30၊ 2023
This plugin is amazing. Hoping it gets regular updates, maintenance and more features for many years to come.
ဧပြီ 6၊ 2023
Thank you so much for building this amazing plugin. It is allowing us to get legal aid organizations higher up in job search results which hopefully will result in better recruitment for legal services for low-income folks!
ဖေ‌ဖော်ဝါရီ 17၊ 2023 2 replies
Tried so many other plugins, and then came to this one hoping I get all the features needed. The backend is very easy to set up. There is however no option to Feature a job and rank it above regular job posts. Fix that and the location error on the add new job page, and this plugin would make 5/5 easy. – Updated – Feb 17, 2023 Thank you for looking at my review and fixing the problem promtly.
မေ 10၊ 2021
Many thanks for bringing this awesome plugin to us; It is a truely great plugin – feasible for many purposes. It works great right out of the box, but is very easy to customize to suit your needs. JobBoardWP for its great design and the lightweight plugin that enables you to add job board functionality to the website. i love the modern UI – and all the options to submit jobs to the job board – besides the methods to manage jobs from the jobs dashboard. JobBoardWP – Job Board Listings and Submissions is great when it comes to configuration: my current use-case: I’m using this plugin to manage a small job-site: You can do so much with this plugin. Amazing job: i love this plugin! To sume up: Many thanks for bringing this awesome plugin to us; 10 stars (out of 5 possible) from me! keep up the great work! I am sure that you find user and friends all over the planet very soon
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1.2.7: May 7, 2024

  • Added: Hook ‘jb_job_email_notify’ to change new user registration recipients
  • Fixed: Caching company logo image URL in the form fields
  • Fixed: Typo “ e-mail” to proper “ email”
  • Fixed: Extract for more security
  • Fixed: Using “ the_content” hook

1.2.6: May 24, 2023

  • Added: Salary job field and filter for the job list
  • Added: Company details form shortcode and predefined page for it
  • Added: Override templates versioning utility for wp-admin
  • Added: Filter by a featured option in jobs list wp-admin
  • Added: input type=” number” for frontend and backend forms classes
  • Fixed: Marking a job as expired at the start of the expired day

  • All templates required update

  • Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrade

1.2.5: March 28, 2023

  • Added: Some labels for Job Category and Job Type taxonomies on register
  • Added: Hook jb_before_jobs_list for 3rd-party integrations and add content above the jobs list and below the search bar
  • Tweak: Changes the structure for the Gutenberg blocks’ scripts and way of registration

  • Templates required update:

    • jobs/wrapper.php
  • Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrade

1.2.4: February 17, 2023

  • Added: Featured jobs functionality
  • Added: Hooks and handlers for 3rd-party integration
  • Fixed: Using default single job template on the block themes

  • Templates required update:

    • jobs/js/jobs-list.php
    • job/content.php
    • single-job.php
  • Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrade

1.2.3: January 23, 2023

  • Added: Ability to show jobs list filters on the single job category or single job type page (tax archive template)
  • Added: Placeholder attribute for the textarea field-type
  • Added: Hook for uploader preview styles jb_upload_wrapper_styles
  • Added: New mime-types for the job company logo (WebP and HEIC)
  • Added: Hooks for custom fields and attributes taxonomies jb_job_after_save_metabox and jb_after_job_submitted_successfully
  • Added jb_disable_jquery_ui hook for force disabling jquery-ui styles
  • Fixed: Displaying more than 1 jobs list per page
  • Fixed: SQL meta placeholders in the long queries
  • Fixed: Custom capabilities issue
  • Fixed: Security issue with job posting process
  • Fixed: Function for rendering media field for uploads in JobBoardWP wp-admin forms

  • Templates required update:

    • job-submission.php
    • jobs/search-bar.php
    • jobs/wrapper.php
  • Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrade

1.2.2: November 23, 2022

  • Added: Support multiselects for job type and job category in the blocks
  • Fixed: Blocks’ preview for some arguments set-up
  • Fixed: Security issues related to logo uploader
  • Fixed: Loading plugin textdomain
  • Fixed: Uploader previews
  • Fixed: Login error when make logout action on the job submission page
  • Fixed: Login redirect for the guests
  • Fixed: Duplicate image notice in uploader
  • Tweak: Added new field-types for frontend and backend forms for 3rd-party integrations

  • Templates required update:

    • emails/base_wrapper.php
    • job-submission.php
    • job/company.php
    • job/footer.php
    • jobs/search-bar.php
  • Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrade

1.2.1: September 5, 2022

  • Added: Recent Jobs Widget
  • Added: Gutenberg Blocks for easy adding shortcodes and JobBoardWP functionality to WordPress posts, pages, etc.
  • Added: JobBoardWP data to the Site Health screen
  • Added: Enhancements for the 3rd-party integrations, hooks, attributes
  • Fixed: Integrations with translations plugins
  • Fixed: Job Category jobs counter when the “ Hide filled jobs” option is enabled
  • Fixed: Dropdown.js custom attributes using
  • Templates required update:

    • dashboard/jobs.php
    • jobs/wrapper.php
    • js/jobs-list.php
    • widgets/recent-jobs.php
  • Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrade

1.2.0: June 16, 2022

  • Added: Documentation for developers
  • Added: Integration with multilingual plugins (WPML, Polylang, TranslatePress, Weglot)
    • Predefined pages integration
    • Templates integration
  • Added: Displaying job category on the individual job page and on the jobs list
  • Added: Ability to set individual job expired date when posting
  • Added: Validation for the Job Data metabox fields on the add/edit job screen in Admin Dashboard
  • Fixed: Hide filled and expired jobs on WordPress native archive pages. It’s based on the Admin Dashboard > JobBoardWP > Settings > Jobs List settings
  • Fixed: Changed the placeholder {trash_job_url} to {edit_job_url}. There isn’t possible to generate the proper trash link in the email
  • Fixed: Job location links based on Onsite/Remote/Onsite or Remote job meta
  • Fixed: Categories dropdown and displaying child categories in the dropdown
  • Fixed: Displaying posts/pages when link attached in the Job Description field on the posting form
  • Fixed: Issue with category attribute in the jobs list shortcode
  • Fixed: Dropdown.js library and
  • Fixed: Logo uploader button for iPhones
  • Templates required update:
    • dashboard/jobs.php
    • emails/base_wrapper.php
    • emails/job_edited.php
    • emails/job_submitted.php
    • job/breadcrumbs.php
    • job/footer.php
    • job/info.php
    • jobs/search-bar.php
    • jobs/wrapper.php
    • js/jobs-dashboard.php
    • js/jobs-list.php
    • job-categories.php
    • job-submission.php

1.1.0: November 11, 2021

  • Added: Breadcrumbs on the job page and option for disable them
  • Added: Option for disabling Google structured data
  • Added: Expiration reminder email notification to the job’s author
  • Added: Reject the ability to use a simple password in Job Post form (Your Details section when register the user)
  • Fixed: Security vulnerabilities related to not sanitized/escaped data
  • Fixed: Delete settings on uninstall and Uninstall process
  • Fixed: Job Type and Job Category dropdowns on Job Post form
  • Fixed: Job Type and Job Category dropdowns on wp-admin Add New/Edit Job post screen (Job Data metabox)
  • Fixed: Application contact placeholders and validation handlers on the Job Post form
  • Fixed: [jb_jobs employer-id=” {userID}” ] shortcode attribute
  • Tweak: Implemented PHPCS + WPCS for getting better code experience

1.0.7: October 4, 2021

  • Added: [jb_job_categories_list] shortcode for displaying all available Job Categories
  • Added: Ability for job post date be translatable
  • Fixed: Calculating job categories or tags when they are disabled
  • Fixed: Jobs category pages visibility
  • Fixed: Jobs taxonomies’ permalinks

1.0.6: June 14, 2021

  • Added: hide-filled=” 0||1″ hide-expired=” 0||1″ filled-only=” 0||1″ attributes for the [jb_jobs] shortcode
  • Added: orderby=” title||date” order=” ASC||DESC” attributes for the [jb_jobs] shortcode
  • Added: jb_get_jobs_query_args hook for 3rd-party integrations to jobs query attributes array
  • Fixed: Responsive JS scripts for some themes and screen width

  • Templates required update:

    • jobs/wrapper.php

1.0.5: May 4, 2021

  • Added: ‘jb-job-company-data’ hook for 3rd-party integrations to company data array
  • Fixed: job type dropdown pre-defined value

1.0.4: March 10, 2021

  • Added: Ability to get jobs feed
  • Fixed: Jobs list pagination via shortcode attribute per-page="{number}"
  • Fixed: preview to jb-preview argument in $_GET attribute to avoid the conflicts
  • Fixed: Expiration date saving with localized date

1.0.3: December 23, 2020

  • Fixed: Job description formatting
  • Fixed: The issue with posting job from Guest
  • Fixed: Displaying jobs list with hidden filled jobs
  • Tweak: Removed tipsy.js as unused

1.0.2: November 3, 2020

  • Added: Job Category attribute for the jobs shortcode
  • Added: Job Type attribute for the jobs shortcode
  • Fixed: Multisite support (Job logos)
  • Fixed: Custom Job template parsing
  • Fixed: Location field JS
  • Fixed: Empty “ Expired Date” data issues
  • Fixed: “ Sign In” typo and wp-login redirect on click
  • Fixed: WP-Admin settings structure
  • Tweak: Updated conditional logic for wp-admin settings (made the dependency from more than 1 field)

1.0.1: August 12, 2020

1.0.0: July 21, 2020

  • Initial Release