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EU tyre label shortcode


This plugin creates an image of the legally required EU tyre label with parameter via a shortcode.

[eutl fuel= "A" grip="G" noise="3" db="77" size="" ]

To add the shortcode you have the following options:

  • enter the shortcode in the classic editor,
  • click the special button in the classic tinyMCE editor and a window pops up where you can input all the possible parameters,
  • enter the shortcode as text in a gutenberg block,
  • or use the special gutenberg block for shortcodes.

Within the shortcode you can specify all the necessary parameter options of the label:

  • fuel consumption: A-G
  • wet grip: A-G
  • noise level: 0-3
  • dB level: 0-99
  • image size as width: (optional)

You can specify the size of the resulting image. By default the shortcode generates an image with 225 x 330 pixel. The size parameter determines the width of the image. Possible values are 25 px width up to max 300 px width (at 440 px height).

The shortcode calls a php-function and returns a png-image of the label.

Further information about the EU tyre label requirements and legal background can be found here:

IMPORTANT: We created this plugin as a useful tool for you. We do not claim that it follows 100 % whatever legal regulations and requirements. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. You have to check legal aspects yourself. If you use this plugin, you agree to this.


  • You can enter the shortcode manually, or very comfortabel via a button in the tinyMCE editor.(screenshot-01.png).
  • The button in the tinyMCE editor opens a window where you can input all parameter data. The size parameter is optional. (screenshot-02.png).
  • The shortcode contains all necessary parameter for the label image.(screenshot-03.png).
  • The default size of the generated image is 225 x 330 px. But you can use any width from 25 to 300 pixel. The maximum size is 300 x 440 pixel(screenshot-04.png).


  1. download the, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins menu directly
  2. in case you install it manually: unpack the zip file and upload it to the “ /wp-content/plugins/” directory
  3. activate the plugin through the “ Plugins” menu in WordPress


How does the shortcode looks like?

A correct shortcode looks like this:

[eutl fuel="A" grip="G" noise="3" db="77" size="" ]

What is the dimension of the generated label image?

You can specify in the shortcode the parameter size with the width of the generated image in pixel. Minimum width is 25 pixel; maximum is 300 pixel. If you leave this parameter empty, the image will be generated in the default size of 225 x 330 pixel. The maximum is 300 x 440 pixel.

How does the resulting HTML code looks like?

<img src="http:// … /wp-content/plugins/eu-tyre-label-shortcode/php/get-eu-tyre-label.php?fuel=A&grip=G&noise=3&db=77&size=225" alt="EU tyre label" />

The image does not show correctly

This error can occur when the shortcode is not correctly formated. Check that all values in the shortcode are inside double quotes. Also make sure, that an empty value is represented by an empty pair of double quotes.

A correct shortcode looks like this:

[eutl fuel="A" grip="G" noise="3" db="77" size="" ]

Values of the shortcode are not shown

Check if the quotation marks in the shortcode are correct. The simple quotation marks are needed, not typographic marks.

How much space occupy the images on my server?

The images are not stored, and do not occupy space. They are generated on the fly each time the shortcode is called.

Can you help me with coding problems?

As this is a free plugin, we can only offer limited support to the direct use of the shortcode. If you need further professional service for implementing the EU tyre label in you projects, you can contact us for an individual agreement. Leusing Webdesign

Is there a special solution for WooCommerce?

Yes, at Leusing Webdesign we work on a special plugin for WooCommerce with database connection. This will be soon available as premium version.

C1, C2 and C3 type of vehicle tyres

We got a feedback, that the label should show one more parameter for the type of vehicle, C1, C2 or C3. The coding for this extra parameter is ready. If you like to see this feature, please give us an info, then we will publish and update the new code here.

Are other languages supported?

The plugin contains by nature very little text. Only the parameter fields of the shortcode have some words. So far the version is english. A later version will soon have translation features.

Also we plan a specific german version, too.

Where can I share any ideas or suggestions to make the plugin better, or where to report a bug?

Any suggestions are very welcome! Please visit and tell us about the issue you found.

I love this plugin! Can I help somehow?

Yes, we appreciate your feedback. Also any financial contributions are welcome! Just visit my website and click on the donate button. Thank you!


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Found this plugin was purely good luck for me. For sure deserves 5 stars! Great combo for tyre business: this plugin + ACF + Elementor Pro. Works well with Wordpress 5.2.3. Thanks for Developer!
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